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I don't know if you have received a similar email purportedly from your friend asking for financial help. So far, I have received three emails from friends using authentic email addresses. Lucky for me because I knew they haven't gone abroad and so I wasn't duped, not that i have the money to spare though. :-D

here's the email that supposedly came from lodie, a dti staff in cagayan de oro.

"How are you? Hope everything is ok? I just want to know if you can be of help to me.Something terrible happened to me on a trip i just made to the United Kingdom.I was robbed of all my belongings at the hotel i planned to stay in and i also lost my cell during the incident which makes it impossible for me to reach out to people at home.I have spoken to the embassy and they are not responding to the matter effectively. I have also filed a report with the British police.

Please i need you to lend me about 1350 G.B.Pounds,you should help me have it sent via Western Union Money Transfer so i can re-arrange myself and return back home.I will surely refund the money back to you once i get back. Below is the information you might require in sending me some money.

Name: Lodie Montecillo Cadiz.
Address: 6 Banister houseoff homerton
highway,Lancashire.Blackburn BB7 2JZ.United Kingdom.
Please, kindly let me know if you can be of assistance as I'm seriously inneed of your help. Thanks and waiting to hear from you ASAP.


To prevent the above email from getting to you, please read the email below from another friend, dennis, who is a computer god and the IT officer of the city government of general santos:

"Hello Guys,

This is caused by an email bot that harvests email addresses and correlates which email comes from who. It then sends out the email to your contacts, once a match is made.

So to avoid further damages caused by this bot, please make it a habit of using BCC instead of CC when forwarding emails. Or if you can't help sending out a really funny email to friends, press Ctrl-A (Select All) and Ctrl-C (Copy) and paste it to a NEW message. Then remove the email addresses and leave only the text. Then BCC all your friends.

Avoid doing forwards, unless you think its worth the risk to YOU and your friends. Also, doing forwards with links or images are a no-no, as doing so would expose the path of the email from one address to the next, and therefore easy to gather for spamming ang fraud.

Take care


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Thank you K-spy.
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