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Laong nila an taga Tago kuno para-away pero hanugay. Mamingawuni naman ganahani mandahap-dahap nan notisya. Naman ini na pabyon inhimo para kita na mga Tagon-on magkasinusihay, magka-binayluay nan mga gilaong, nan notisya, nan kaayuhan.
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Being an outdoor sports fanatic, one leisurely weekend afternoon, I discovered an ideal place for jogging and walking. And I’m sure, you’ll love it the way I do. It is a place where you can enjoy the freshest air coming from the infinite view of the ocean, while glancing to its horizon; Where you can witness some birds hovering patiently to prey some fish, while roaming freely against the rippling waves that gently blow along the shore; A vivid sunset that was starting to fade, while the tightly packed trailing clouds like cotton starts to set in, ready to face the approaching twilight; A jazzy cool and relaxing music that relieves your stress, while echoing lavishly in every street lamp that being intently installed along the narrow pavement; Where you can see some cargo vessels that were docked and falling in line from a far; Some passing by airplanes that dwindled its speed and droned overhead, while ready to touch down coming from its destinations. Those were the few moments I’ve witnessed and you will enjoy once you visit the place.

At night, though there was no moon shone overhead during my last visit yet, the place was all lit up by a galaxy of lights shining on its place. There was an exhilarating fireworks display that produces a synchronized multi-colored lights, while it flashes and glides gracefully, and twinkles and flickers up in the sky. There were also many group of music bands playing alternately while you are enjoying your meal and savoring the nowness of time.

This place is surrounded by bars and restaurants. It has also a wet market within the vicinity wherein, you can buy a fresh sea foods, meats and vegetables that are neatly arranged by the friendly vendors and have it cooked according to you desired taste and style in your favorite restaurant. The well experienced chefs in every restaurant especially at the “Trinity Food House” can managed to do it personally for you. I’ve been to this restaurant many times, usually for a soiree and if there’s a big party celebration hosted by my generous friend, Bonsal and his wife, Colets. (dili maapas!)

This place that I’m referring to is the Boulevard at the back of Mall of Asia (MOA). A place intended to everybody who wants to unwind, exercise and to have a bonding experience with their family and friends.

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